We’re impact-driven

We focus our energy on creating new ventures from scratch, transforming our ecosystem of Intercorp companies, inspiring our business leaders, and exploring the recently possible.

We’re a growing
multidisciplinary team

We’re an energetic group of anthropologists, architects, philosophers and entrepreneurs working side by side with IDEO residents in Peru.

We’re always looking
for changemakers

Get to know our crew a bit more.

Talent Product Owner | Intercorp Management

Intercorp is a conglomerate spanning a portfolio of more than 30 companies, where mobility has been identified as a key way to ensure talent’s growth and development. We are currently looking for a Product Owner to lead the founding team of a new platform that accelerates mobility opportunities across the group.

Fest Co-Lead

We are currently seeking a CO-LEAD for the FEST_20. You will be responsible for designing, curating and delivering Intercorp’s annual Innovation Festival, the group’s highlight of the year that brings together its top 3000+ executives and 13+ speakers from companies such as Spotify, Netflix, Google and Amazon for learning, celebration and actionable inspiration.

Don’t feel like you match any of our job openings but still interested in joining our team? Please reach out to join@lavictoria.pe

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